InPro Interiors Services

Our service begins with a detailed understanding of your project and goals. We’ll walk through your facility for an assessment of your needs, determine the best products for the job and the best process for installation. Then we’ll take care of everything for you – we’ll order the product, deliver it and install it. Once the installation is completed, we’ll do a final walk through with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied. If regular maintenance or a replacement part is needed, we’ll order it, deliver it and take care of that for you too. Our services are designed to save you time and money.

  • Supply & Delivery

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Repair

About Our Installers

Since our professional installers are direct employees of Inpro Interiors, they know our products inside and out and how to install them quickly and effectively to keep your project on time and your maintenance costs low. Inpro Interiors is bonded and insured.

Inpro Product Support Network

Your world is filled with costly gaps and uncertainties when it comes to choosing and installing the right building protection products. We launched this division to address those needs with the services listed below.

Design Services

Design Support

Not every project demands an interior designer, but every project demands great design. We give you access to basic design services such as color matching so protecting your building will never mean compromising its appearance.
Installation Services

Installation Support for Contractors and Owners

Time is money, and you should never waste either trying to figure out the best way to install products on your own.Rely on us with:
  • FREE on-the-job training from one of our product experts.
  • An installation hotline to quickly get answers about any of our products:  866.EZINPRO (866.394.6776)
Local Installation Support

Inpro Interiors - Local Installation Support

Tap into our growing network of showrooms and product experts with the following services:

  • In-person viewing and demonstrations of products in showrooms.
  • Basic installations, such as small amounts of corner guards, handrails, sheet material and privacy curtain tracks. We will never bid on new construction or major remodels.
  • Product training at showrooms.
  • Current locations: Charlotte and Miami.